Cookies Policy

This policy explains how we use cookies and similar technologies such as tags and pixels (together, ‘Cookies’).  It also helps you to manage what Cookies are set on your device.

What is a Cookie? 

A Cookie is a small text file that is set on your device when you access our websites or use our apps (‘Websites’).  It collects information about your use of our Websites and helps the Websites to recognise and remember you in future. 

Why do we use Cookies?

The key reasons we use Cookies are to:

  • provide you with services you have requested
  • show you relevant content, including personalised advertisements;
  • ensure that our Websites function properly;
  • understand how you use our Websites; and
  • remember your log-in details

​​What type of Cookies do we use?

The following types of Cookies are set when you access our Websites:

1. Necessary

These cookies are essential for the Websites to operate.  Without these cookies, services you have asked for, like shopping baskets, cannot be provided.

2. Functional

These cookies recognise you when you return to the Websites. They remember information (such as your username and region), enabling us to remember your preferences and display relevant content.

3. Analytical

These cookies collect information about how visitors use and engage with the Websites (such as the most visited pages), helping us to make improvements to the Websites.

4. Advertising

These cookies collect information about your browsing habits (such as products you have purchased or content you have engaged with) as well as information about 

your browser, device and IP address.  We use this information to display more relevant content and advertisements to you, as well as to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and measure the effectiveness of a campaign. Occasionally we share this information with partners, including other advertising organisations.  Advertising Cookies help us to connect with you on our Websites and on other websites, including Facebook.

Some of these Cookies are controlled and set by us (‘First Party Cookies’) and some are set by third parties (‘Third Party Cookies’).  Third Party Cookies are mainly used to serve relevant advertisements to you on the Websites.  We do not control Third Party Cookies, but we have provided some information below about Third Party Cookie providers on the Websites. 

How to manage Cookies

This section gives you more information about how to manage Cookies.  Please note that changes to your Cookie settings will apply to all websites that you visit on your device (not just Arsenal websites).  However, these changes will only apply to the device on which you make them, so if you want to manage Cookies on other devices then you will need to update the settings on those devices separately.

Browser settings

You can manage Cookies through your browser settings. Information about how to do this on key browsers is provided via the links below, and more general guidance is available at  

Internet Explorer



You can also manage Cookies linked to targeted advertising via 

Contact Us

You can contact our Data Protection Officer if you have any queries about Cookies on our Websites. 

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